Giving Back

As a child, I could tap dance on the coffee table and roller-skate across the parquet wood floors and the brick-red Spanish tile. I picked out his cuff links and matched his tie before sending him off to "run the world". We sang "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from the top of our lungs over scrambled eggs and grits, and he would whistle like a songbird. We would go for walks almost every day deciding what fantastical character took shape in the clouds. Our forts were castles disguised as piles of pillows and blankets. We wrapped Christmas gifts for months it seemed, finding last years' hidden treasurers buried deep in the closets. I practiced just keeping my head down, they would applaud every hook and slice. I learned to iron, grow tomatoes, and make the bed with hospital corners. I learned the hard way that Grandmas water tasted an awful lot like watered down Scotch. My most fond memories of growing up mostly center around my Grandma and Grandpa. They loved me unconditionally and gave me every bit of attention a child could possibly hope for and in turn they shaped much of who I am today.

My grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's disease and my sweet Edith had dementia. I watched their memories fade and the lines between reality and the past blur into non-existence. I witnessed the confusion of strangers entering the room and the frustration of not being able to articulate what was had for breakfast. I struggled selfishly with their disease during a time when I was still trying to figure out who I was and what horrible thing could void them of the memories we shared. I found solace in the moments of brief clarity; in his knowing hand squeeze or the twinkle in her eye and her perfectly crooked grin when I brushed her hair. I will hold on to the sound of her infectious giggle for as long as this life will let me.

I quickly learned that once these precious memories fade they are perhaps gone forever. Each of these moments are so often taken for granted when they should be seized as an opportunity to celebrate. I love working with my clients as I get to play a small role in their opportunities. You may not remember the color of the china you angst over or the name of the band you selected 15 years from now. You will remember the way your fiance looked at you for the first time when you walked down the aisle or how proud you felt when your child chanted their haftarah so beautifully.

We find our greatest happiness in life just by being able to celebrate with you by letting you focus on the happiest times in your life which will soon become your most fond memories. As part of our continued effort to fight the battle with Alzheimer's we donate a portion of our profits to the Alzheimer's Association on behalf of our clients.