Our Approach

As a working professional we know that it can be difficult for you to find the time to do the research and the legwork that it takes to make smart, educated decisions to plan your wedding and still maintain your daily life, personal relationships and possibly your sanity. We know that blending two families, cultures or religions can come with their own set of challenges, questions and let's face it, stress. You shouldn't feel pressured to know where to start, have all of the answers or the "know-how" to plan your wedding from start to finish. We have been planning and designing weddings for over a decade and leverage our education, hands on experience, cutting edge technology, industry relationships and eye for detail to serve as your professional wedding guide and information curator. In the ever changing landscape of the wedding industry we realize that there is too much information out there and that it is nearly impossible to decipher what is best for you, particularly if you are unsure of what you need or are looking for.

photo credit {Micahel Moss}